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From Dhana Mercury to Lil’ Dhana

Dhana Mercury Mission:
To change the face of wealth in America by promoting the education and involvement of women of color in wealth building through creation of a community that nurtures  the ability, knowledge, access and desire to attain wealth.


“It takes a village…”

Dhana Mercury’s approach to investing is rooted in our founders’ ethnic, ancestral culture and values. It is familial. It is communal. The belief that what is done for one is done for all is the foundation. It is also practical, understanding that how money works, pooling resources allows for a threshold to be met quickly so the return is greater initially. So often black and brown people start at a place of deficit but this methodology places us firmly in abundance at the outset of coming together.

“…to raise a child.”

The founding members coming together includes exposing our children and youth, young adults in our community to the value of combined resources, savings, budgeting, delayed gratification, investing, donating and spending smartly.

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Personal Perspectives on Developing Financial Literacy for Our Children


I am working hard to build/create/empower a new generation of black children that understand their history and see their potential.  I want to set my child up with the knowledge to take advantage of every opportunity possible. I am raising an CEO, investor and shareholder. There is no other option!

Dafina Lovelace

It’s imperative to lay the foundation of financial literacy early, to avoid the pitfalls many young adults succumb to.  It’s important to me that my daughter have the skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Understanding how money works and how wealth is accumulated will help her secure the lifestyle that was not set up for me. I want that gift for my daughter

Lameyci Madison
Founding Member

When children, at an early age, begin to understand the concept of money and the way that money is used, they can begin to formulate the possibilities of its usage.  Promoting the ideas of earned income, smart spending, and saving will benefit them throughout life

Wendy Artis
Founding Member

Lil' Dhana: Testimonials
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